MEV on Ethereum Proof of Stake

October 28, 2022
What is MEV?
MEV-driven Validator Centralisation
Multi-block MEV
MMEV and PoW vs PoS
Multi-block Strategies
MEV Mitigation
Proposer-Builder Separation (PBS)
Risks of Builder Centralisation
Decentralising Builders
MEV Minimisation
Closing Thoughts
Further Reading
Consecutive Block Proposals on Ethereum
Ethereum’s recent change in consensus algorithm to Proof of Stake has introduced a new class of exctractable value: MEV over multiple consecutive blocks, also known as Multiblock MEV. This has the potential to heighten the negative externalities of MEV. Herein we detail a numerical solution to the cumulative distribution function for the length of the longest k-blocktuple for a validator pool in a given epoch and compare our findings with observed events.