The Emergence of Crypto Hedge Funds: Opportunities and Outlook

February 22, 2023
Emergence of a New Industry
Ongoing Growth
Talent Shift to Crypto
Institutional Grade Infrastructure
Today’s Crypto Hedge Fund Landscape
An Alternative to Traditional Alpha Erosion
A Diversified Universe of Strategies and Rich Source of Alpha
A History of Alpha Generation
A Challenging Trading Environment in 2022
Crypto Hedge Fund Risk and the Importance of Manager Selection
The Critical Role of Operational Due Diligence
FTX, Counterparty Risk and the Way Forward
Further Reading
Managing Exchange Counterparty Risk in a Post FTX World
If there has been one key takeaway from the eventful past few months in the crypto space, it is the importance of managing exchange counterparty risk. Here we take a closer look at how digital asset funds custody their assets and explore the best practices that have been deployed to address exchange counterparty risk.